Hey everybody,


I am in transition ... finally ... YES!

Reorganizing, reshaping, re-creating my body, my mind, my Self ... my life ... 

It's an adventure, a journey ... with open end and destination ... 

But one thing I know for sure ... music will stay forever ... 

I am amidst taking my music compositions to the next level,

working towards a portfolio for TV and streaming-platforms ... 


A happy and exciting New Year everyone!

Keep on rocking!


Wotan Beißwenger, New Year Eve 2022.


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Audio: Your Wings and Feathers/ Throat and tribal Vocals, Bodhran, Modern Concert Flute ...

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You Who gave me life

My breath, my feet

Lend me your feathers

Your wings to fly

Thru' the wastelands

Of my inner trial


Lend me your bright

Eyes' might

To pierce thru'

My dark souls' night


Lend me the vastness

Of Your heart

When I feel 

Inside out 

Torn apart


You Who gave me life

My breath, my feet

Take Your rest

In this crazy

Human hearts' beat


© Ann-Uta Beißwenger New Moon 13th of June 2018



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Please note and respect: All vocals, lyrics, Bodhran, Modern concert flute (Querflöte), composition/mix © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2018


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