Hey everybody,


I am in transition ... finally ... YES!

Reorganizing, reshaping, re-creating my body, my mind, my Self ... my life ... 

It's an adventure, a journey ... with open end and destination ... 

But one thing I know for sure ... music will stay forever ... 

I am amidst taking my music compositions to the next level,

working towards a portfolio for TV and streaming-platforms ... 


A happy and exciting New Year everyone!

Keep on rocking!


Wotan Beißwenger, New Year Eve 2022.


Discography for reference:



Archiv (Blog bis 1. Juli 2021)


Sounds for films/Experimental: Tracking OrbitZ ... Synth/Drums ...

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This is taken from one of my "SciFi-themes and -scripts" I am working on ... quite a lot effects in here and yes, I do love "my mod-/pitchwheel" ... 


"Hero is fed up with all his KI-buddies and bored ... regrets he had let himself been bribed into this nasty experiment  some hundred earthen years ago ... but he has nowhere to go, earth is just a fleeting memory (and some gloomy stardust) and all he can head for is this starry dark surrounding his f*cking space station ..."


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Please note and respect: Script, Synth, MIDI-/Loop-Arrangement, composition/mix © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2019




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