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My passion for music and sounds started pretty early. I was told that while I had been refusing to learn walking for a long time, I started talking, singing and using forbidden things as drum-sticks “right away”.


As a child I used to run around with a tape-recorder and collect sounds, especially from animals. I then tried to learn and imitate them and went out to test and fool the animals with my sounds. It worked very well and was lots of fun.


My first song I composed when I was 11 yrs old. It was a singer-song-writer piece I accompanied with acoustic guitar about an old man walking down a lonely road, having no place nor destination to reach for. It was quite a sad and deep song, too sad and too deep for an 11 yrs old and people felt uneasy about it. 


At school I was told I had no talent for music, because my music-teacher could not cope with my readiness “to use anything to compose something” and ... what bothered her most ... because of my unwillingness to stick to 4/4.

In terms of singing and arranging things they had to admit some skills though. 


With 16 I started off with several bands … guess like with everyone else these were mainly cover-bands. I realized I had some trouble covering songs of others for a public audience. It felt like betrayal and fake, as these songs had been created “and born” by somebody else. 

Anyhow I learnt a lot during these times, techniquewise and peoplewise. This was also the time I fell in love with knobs and faders and with what you can do with them :).


It took a looong while until I realized I have some sort of “Muses-issue” going on and I needed to listen and manifest their whispers to ensure my sanity and well-being. Sounds wyrd, but this is how it works (for me). Therefore I need considerable space and freedom to be productive. Meaning, if the call comes in, I will manifest and work like only a dedicated nerd will be able to, until the composition has been finished. No matter what. That's it!

Today I have switched to working as a solo-dyi-musician and producer first place, although – still – I do enjoy creative collaborations and live-sessions from time to time, as long as vibes are matching and Muses agree.


Genrewise you will find early and very basic “traditionals” and spiritual (northern-based) folk-stuff in my blog and on Youtube. My #throat-singing Galdr (rune-chanting) and Vocal trances you'll also find on Youtube.


As a poet singer-songwriter-compositions appeal to me, accompanied with guitar, lyre and/or piano or embedded into more or less alternative arrangements. Check out “The Man and the Wicked Tree” from my first official album “Roaming Ginnunga” telling a dark-flavoured fairy-story … . 


Since my studies at #Deutsche Pop my style has undergone some sonic evolution towards a more experimental, slightly ambient sphere: Synth-arrangements, self-recorded sounds and instruments meet Tribal Vocals to create a specific atmosphere. 

About one year ago I have started with composing instrumentals (sometimes with neo-classical/orchestral flavor), mainly with piano, mellotron and synth, sometimes with drums. 

Some of these you also find on my release “Sounds from Somewhere”. Check it out!


Anyhow there are some elements you will find in almost every composition and recognize as nerdy “AnU Skyrún-Nerd at Noon-style”. ... at least I hope you do :).


In terms of future I will continue composing and producing songs/albums. Right now I am taking my compositions to the next level and am amidst compiling a portfolio for commercial use in film, video, TV … .


Sounds interesting?
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